Just receiving Ads 3 to 4 per a day

I have selected the option as 5 Ads per day but i’m just receiving 3 to 4 per day. My friends in India are receiving at least 15 to 20 Ads per day. Does the region matters? i stay in Thailand

The config of “5 ads per hour” is a limiter to avoid spam, it really means “up to 5 ads per hour”. It not guarenty you are going to receive exactly 5 ads per hour.

Also, yes, the ads you are watching depend on:

  • The number of publishers in your region.
  • The active campaings in your region.
  • Your browsing habbits (similar of when you browse amazon and you suddenly see ads of a product you checked out there in every website).

Your 3 to 4 ads per day are normal, for example, today i received 18 ads but two days ago only 3 came up, it really depends on many factors, but is completly normal, not all days you will receive ads.

And as for this month, be thankful you are getting some since lots of users are complaining that they haven’t received any ad for this month.

PD: you can check the actual ads campaings in your region here:

As you can see in your región they only have 5 campaings vs india with 20.

Said that, more campaings mean more ads and vice versa

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