"prompt links" won't load or open

windows 10
norton security.

running the same OS and antivirus on 2 pc’s and only having this issue on one.

any link to download a file wont open. try to save a pdf from an email, nothing happens. try to upload a video, when i click to select a file nothing happens.

EXACTLY as seen here: Brave doesn't download files

Can you confirm what folder (if any) is selected in Settings --> Advanced --> Downloads:

Additionally, do you have the browser set to ask (toggled on) where to download?


Can you try clearing your cache and site data as well?

yes- i have tried this. no change. I even went as far as to installing the current beta version of brave and have the same issue.

Do you have any extensions installed by chance? Do you have any other browsers you can test against to see if they produce the same issue?

Additionally, can you try changing the path for downloaded files to somewhere else?

in use extensions: lastpass, hangouts, honey, magic actions for youtube,

no issues with this problem using chrome or Edge.

Windows is not good and performs badly when just used normally for everyday tasks without any maintenance there are any number of broken registration record’s to catche errors unnecessary startup service’s apps …
Issue was same in chrome and brave and do not have a precise reason but had to exit all instances of the browser find and terminate running processes clean up all kinds of catches
all good

didn’t help my issues

you should also check your security suite thoroughly for anomalies
Or install the browser in a different account or change the installation directory just to check if you can
right click a link and open in new tab ?
that’s all i can say !

yes i can right click and open a link in a new tab

Have you tried disabling Norton when trying to download a file just to see if it may be caught up somewhere in there?

yeah i disabled norton, no change- ended up just doing a clean install of windows 10. fixed the problem

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