Progressive Web App Functionality


Any chance you could look into adding Progressive Web App features to the iOS version of brave. Allowing PWA site to act like a native iOS app on the device. iOS is currently lacking in the PWA department.

  • Allowing fullscreen (hiding the top/bottom bars) until told by the app that it’s releasing the browser AKA (home button like feature).

  • Allowing the app to lock device orientation to have landscape only or portrait only apps.

These are the two main features with PWA that are needed. I don’t see these things being a problem to add seeing iOS App Store already has browser/manager apps dedicated to having fullscreen PWAs. However it would be more useful in Brave cause of the much larger user base and all the things that make Brave great!

Been wanting to make some PWAs that just wouldn’t fit in the iOS App Store.



Do you mean have the Brave browser act as a PWA, or do you mean be able to “Add to homescreen” via the share menu on a specific site, which would then act as a PWA?



Have Brave act like a PWA for a site that is setup for it. The site would have to tell Brave that it is a PWA. The user would get a prompt “Would you like to view this site as a PWA”.

Having a shortcut for the PWA on the home screen along with this would also be great.



In terms of iOS - as far as I am aware, if a PWA is added to the homescreen, I believe it’s handled at OS level and passed straight through to Safari for display - I don’t think it’s possible for this behaviour to be overriden by an app (happy to be proven wrong though!), so I don’t know that it would be possible for Brave to display a PWA from the homescreen.

The other part of your request is interesting and not something I’ve ever seen before… that’d be quite cool!!! :smiley: Would be cool if it could remember your choice of display as well, however there’d need to be some form of UI somewhere that would allow a user to revert back to non-PWA view (how would you access tabs and stuff?). That’d be interesting! :smiley:



It would be up to the PWA creator to provide a way to close the PWA.

Just a very basic example. PWA prompt then going into a landscape only game.

However there could be a safety mode built in. If there is no way to close the PWA you just hit the home button then go back into brave, and the PWA would be closed.



”It would be up to the PWA creator” - hmm, I don’t know how that would work as PWA’s aren’t a toggleable ”view” as standard, they’re designed to appear as a native app as standard, so you access, close and navigate to/from it as if it were a standard installed app - how would you, as a PWA creator, create a ”close pwa” button within your PWA to revert back to a standard browser view rather than PWA? As far as I’m aware, there’s no PWA functionality/API for this?

I won’t lie, when I first read this I envisaged it working in a similar way to the embedded browser approach, with just the ”DONE” UI in the top left and removing the bottom nav bar - basically as full screen as possible, with minimal browser UI and respecting the DeviceOrientation defined by the site.

I think a browser level back-out button would be a necessity if I’m being honest - especially considering this would be a feature that is bespoke to Brave (if they do it) and not cross-browser/a standard.



Some of PWA functionality are just not available on iOS, some are only available on Safari and disabled for 3rd party browsers,

If you know any example of other 3rd party browsers having PWA capabilities that Brave doesn’t please share it and we will try to make it work

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