[Problem] Youtube Cookie gets deleted each week/Also other sites

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Youtube
  2. Enable Theater mode
  3. Restart Browser
  4. Theater mode is gone/disabled (cookie: wide)

Expected result:
Theater Mode enabled

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.51.118 Chromium: 113.0.5672.126 (64-Bit)

Additional Information:

Hi @D4KiR welcome to Community :wave:

If you are able to, can you update to the latest version of Brave 1.52.117 and tag me if this is still an issue for you.

Also have you tried this work around that this user figured out?

Version 1.52.117 Chromium: 114.0.5735.90 (64-Bit)

cookie gets created by youtube, but if i restart browser its gone… :smiley:
it says Expires: Session (Sitzung)

and if i create it manually till 3099 year:

document.cookie = 'wide=1; expires='+new Date('3099').toUTCString()+'; path=/';

it will expires after 7 days

I also have the same problem and it has started occurring recently. Regularly I get new cookie notifications when I visit a website that I visit frequently. Also, Youtube starts in a different mode than what I’m used to, indicating something got deleted…

If anybody knows what is causing this and how to fix it, I would be grateful.

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yes, i hope this gets a fix

Hi @D4KiR

Apologies for the delay. Thanks for giving that a try.
I’ll pass this along to our team for suggestions and insight what might be happening.

Tagging @Mattches for coverage

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very nice, hope you guys find the problem

I’m having this issue too. It’s frustrating having to readjust my settings on a lot of sites. I have cookie deletion disabled completely in settings/cookies and settings/clearbrowsingdata on close so I’m very confused, this has been happening since September of last year. My browser is kept up to date.

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any progress? it still happens

@SaltyBanana hope it get fixed soon :smiley:

Hi @D4KiR apologies for the delay. Just to confirm are you still experiencing this issue on the latest 1.52.126?

yes still happening each week
if i
remove the cookie and then set theater mode on, restart browser, theatermode is off

remove the cookie and then set theater mode on, restart browser, theatermode is on

cookie expired again

This is NOT an issue.
It is the default behavior of Brave, they made it long time ago.
for example:

And from that issue can read all the PRs and Issues about it that has been done about this, it hasn’t changed for years, only few people keep crying about this.

A work around? well, only setting cookies would fix these issues, the problem is Brave’s implementation and the soon-to-be added uBlock set-cookie scriplet are taken from Adguard, and Adguard set a lot of restrictions about it. I modified the scriptlet and made it so I could set it to anything, that way I can pretty much do anything I want with it.

That’s the only work around, you can use Tampermonkey to make it easy to set cookies or something.

But 7 days have been the default in Brave for years. So either, people have to stop crying about this or switch browsers, or just use whatever other methods are available to override and set the cookies the way you want, so even when they are deleted it won’t matter.

I don’t know why this wasn’t told 28 days ago when this post was made. It’s been a month of the same circles that won’t be fixed because it’s Default’s Brave behavior made by the Devs.
Maybe there are bugs in the expiration date of some cookies, but that’s what the expiration date is for, open Devtools → application → cookies and look at them to have an idea when they are going to be removed.

its still another problem, its ok that the cookie dies after 7 days but it will not created when the theatermode is set

also chrome/edge also have the 7 days things and it is working there*

If this is the case, and Brave has supposedly not changed this for years, then why has it become an issue in the last month? That makes no sense whatsoever. It’s highly annoying, especially with frequently visited sites.
Something clearly changed in the last month, so telling people to stop crying or abandon the browser is just rude.

Also, why point out that it’s easy to fix with tampermonkey and then not post the solution?



but i dont want an extension to fix the problem, when other browser can do it without that extension, not sure if youtube maybe can fix it
its only happening in brave for me (with/without extensions)

i think the problem is creating the cookie, maybe it only gets created when you login in youtube and then the cookie should still exists till logout or something

because i need to manually add it each week (it gets deleted)

I’ve been using Brave since 2020 and I literally only started having this problem less than a year ago.
My issue still hasn’t resolved no matter how I fiddle with my cookie settings. I’ve been downloading my settings for certain websites that let me and reapplying them each week on top of approving all cookies for the sites I frequent regularly. Holy sh*t this is annoying.

EDIT: I just went and checked and even though I do not have a single option ticked off on “Clear browsing data on exit” almost all of my cookies have an expiry date at the bottom of them set for when the browser closes. What gives??

My Brother solved it by keeping PC on and Browser Open
That is NOT a solution for me

@steeven and @Mattches can either of you help? I see @SaltyBanana was helping 14 days ago and tagged Mattches on this 28 days ago, but then no further replies had come. I do see what Emi shared and is suggesting to be expected behavior from Brave, but guess just wanted to see if you guys can confirm or if there’s a solution to offer.

Either way, guess looking for last official response so this can be closed out with whatever answer it’s going to be. (Either solution or saying it’s intended behavior and unfortunately nothing really to be done as this is intended)