Problem with user interface in Brave browser

I recently got a problem with displaying web pages. Here’s the result in brave browser and edge browser of facebook page. This is not the only webpage that displays incorrectly. I disable every extension in the browser and still same issue appears.

what your shield setting set them to standard for tracker and fingerprint

It is already set to standard

change the cookies to only cross site

also check the shield setting for the site you acceess click on the lion icon while you browse the website to make sure it has the same settings

Still the same issue

look at brave://adblock/
maybe to many boxes are checked.
it should look like this (depending on your county, sure)

what about turn off shield completely ?

I turned off the shield, still nothing. “Oficjalne Polskie Filtry do AdBlocka, uBlocka Origin i AdGuarda” was the only box that has been checked, Rotblut I tried your configuration and still some elements were falling apart on the web page.

I tried all settings back to default and not worked for me, then I tried to install again Brave browser and the Facebook page still appears incorrectly.

This issue appears rarely on webpages. At the moment I test only the Facebook page. If I find another page that appears incorrectly I’ll post here

could you disable all extension and use private mode

Nothing happened, I also cleared browsing data- cookies and cache of all time

what about create new profile to test

I suggest to turn this off.
Oficjalne Polskie Filtry do AdBlocka, uBlocka Origin i AdGuarda

And check the others two below, as your standart on:
Oficjalne Polskie Filtry Przeciwko Alertom o Adblocku
Oficjalne Polskie Filtry Przeciwko Alertom o Adblocku - Uzupełnienie

Problem solved. I changed the minimum font size from 17 to 13 in the brave://settings/fonts

Thank you to everyone involved in this post

you welcome @vinuste and glad that you figured it out well done and have a nice day

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