Problem with my publisher account

Hey, Brave team. I’m a brave verified publisher. I have a YouTube channel and through that I get some Referrals. I have already added my verified uphold account. On 6th September I login to my account it shows everything alright. Today is 9th September and I didn’t receive my payments so to check I login to my account. there is some problem with your system. my publisher account didn’t show any referral stats and didn’t show my refer code. Please resolve this problem as soon as possible and clear my payment. I’m attaching the error screenshot.

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When I didn’t receive my payment too so I checked today n realized my payments was suspended and I’m still on what might have caused it @steeven please do something coz I don’t get my self anymore :pleading_face:

All my hope was on that payment

HI @Daddy_yo - your account will be reviewed in time for the next payout. Thank you!

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