Problem with Brave revard

I am new in Brave Browser and i wanted to activate brave reward but system says it isnot available in my country (Uzbekistan) , i changed settings of my windows to Uzbekistan , but still it is not available , i searched about reseting my country on Brave but there is no link to to the reseting option , there is only booklets without any usefull links or articles , can you help me to solve this issue or should i delete this ?

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To reset country in Brave you can follow the following steps:

However, to receive rewards you will also need to register with a custodial wallet. If you country is not supported, you will not be able to do it.

No fear no worries please

Could you go to Brave://rewards-internals and confirm that the region is chosen as Uzbekistan?
If not then youll have to do the steps mentioned by rodrige.

Is not a supported country. Therefore you won’t be able to link. You can see list of supported countries on link below:

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