How to change country of advertising

Brave recently asked me to choose a country to receive targeted advertisements and I choose a country different to my uphold account and now I cant change it back.
“Settings → Brave Rewards → Manage Brave Rewards —> Reset Rewards” Doesn’t exist for me in my browser configurations. Maybe it is because I have it on spanish.
What can I do?

That depends from OS to OS.
On PC →
IClick on the BAT ( Rewards triangle ) → click on the Gear settings icon in the dashboard or just type in brave://rewards/ in the search bar → Click on Manage Brave rewards as shown in

On androids though →
Brave settings → Brave Rewards → Reset rewards

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Yes, it does. It exists in all. You just have to follow the instructions given to you. So when you go to Rewards, you see a page similar to what SmartyAadi shared with you. The only thing is @SmartyAadi has the wrong thing circled on his screenshot, so that wouldn’t be help.

Underneath the purple box is a button that says Manage Brave Rewards. Of course, if you have yours in Spanish, it will instead say it in Spanish and not in English. I’ll point to it and circle it in my own screenshot:

Once you click on that, it opens this screen:

You then click on Reset, as I circled and drew arrows pointing.

Doing that, opens up where you can hit Reset once more, but in the red/orange color instead.

The, just to make sure it wasn’t on accident, you’ll be prompted once more, asking if you want to reset it.

Once you go through that, your Rewards will be reset. The page will bring you to the default, where you can start earning Rewards. This is because when you Reset, you’re starting over. You’ll go through everything and select your country.

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