Problem of payment

Hello When I got my payment for the month of May there was written that I would have had my next payment in the month of July I had already reported the problem with no response from the brave service I had then said to myself that this it is surely a bug and that it was going to be fixed it is at the beginning of June no sign of payment in sight and worse than that my next payment is announced on August 6. Already that I had not had an answer regarding the fact that my BAT had disappeared from my account, it is even more annoying in the end over 6 months of use I was paid only 1 month (since my BAT of my first 4 months are gone) Hoping it doesn’t happen to anyone here have a nice day.

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Here is the same problem

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I have 5 BAT but they only gave me 3 to uphold …

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Can I have an answer or at least an explanation from the Brave service?

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