Problem about BAT

Hi,i have a problem with BAT,i have 23.93 BAT and i cannot withdraw cuz it says that i have 0 BAT,how can i fix this problem?

Hi @aleksa612784 - what OS and Brave version are you on?

@aleksa612784 account is have no relation with brave:rewards wallet. It’s two different wallets with different purposes. That’s why you not see your 23.93 BAT in your brave:rewards wallet and vice versa.

For, it’ll be automatically deposited to your Uphold account every 8th, US time zone.

@eljun @steeven Hello, I have a question that I still have not been able to answer in my creator account, the complete bats do not reflect me, I am supposed to have more, I hope you can help me please

Hi @vinkel - it can take up to 48hrs for your stats to update. The next scheduled payout for referrals is June 8th.

ok thank you very much the truth has been like this for several days but I appreciate your response really helps us your cooperation and perseverance in this situation that helps us all

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