Previously Uphold. Unsupported Country. Now Unverified. No Claim Button

My browser Rewards was previously Uphold verified.

I had to disconnect and now my country is unsupported.

Being Unverified, no Claim Button arrived until now.

Please, what can I do?

Windows 10, Release v1.42.88, no VPN


Same here, I also have not received any Claim Button.

I’m on an unsupported region as well, but I managed to claim in my phone and 1 pc…
Unfortunately, when I claim on another device, there was an issue where the reward will not be credited. I think they pause the claim button because of this issue (just a theory)

Issue I’m referring:

But, I have not recieved any claim button from the very beginning.

when did you start??
I never miss a claim button every month since I started 2 years ago…

If you have experience that many months now, you should have DM the mods or submit a ticket.

It was ok. Since this Uphold and Gemini Mess.
Now, as I am not verified, so I should receive my claim rewards in Browser directly.
But I have not recieved that yet.

same here. this is my first month with an unverified account. I don’t have any idea what it should look like.

Asked this in other threads, but I received no answer yet:

As per latest update here: Temporary Pause On Uphold Linking - #5 by Evan123

My country, Ireland is on the list of supported regions, and I still cannot get verified!

Uphold should be back online, and I can get connected to uphold itself.
But when on brave://rewards/ and trying to click to Log into Uphold to see your balance, I am still getting - Error: Region not supported?

Is there any other way to receive our rewards?
When will this issue finally be addressed?
Thank you!

Hi All,

first post but long time Brave / Uphold user.

Just noticed that i can no longer link my rewards to my Uphold wallet, and BAAAAM here is why, list of supported countries is getting smaller and smaller. is this a way for Brave to force users to use their wallet instead ?

Verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini or Uphold is available in the following 19 countries:

  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Canada
  5. Colombia
  6. Denmark
  7. Finland
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Ireland
  10. Italy
  11. Netherlands
  12. New Zealand
  13. Norway
  14. Portugal
  15. Singapore
  16. Spain
  17. Sweden
  18. United Kingdom
  19. United States



I suspect I didin’t get the Claim button because the device was once verified and somehow it still acting as it is.

It should just automatically fallback to Claim format once no wallet is connected right? but apparently they like making things hard and read lots of tickets. I figure how many users don’t go after their missing funds…

As Unverified, a Claim option should appear to you like this one:


I don’t think so, Claim phase is complete:


I have other devices (never verified before) with no problem.

Were these devices verified before?

I was unlinked over a week ago. Yet the BAT arrived on my uphold from both of my devices. Check there. If nothing there, wait a bit longer. Payments are still processing.

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Still nothing


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It didin’t arrive in my uphold.

Hello @steeven,

Can you help here?

The browser didin’t enable the Claim option as if it was still verified.

And in my unverified device the claim button raised an error and vanishes.

1 yes, the others no…

where is this at?
site’s status still ongoing

2 of my unverified accounts show claim button. but upon clicking. brave just say an error. and BAT never arrives/credited… the mods already acknowledges this issue but still not resolved (on my end.)

Can you confirm that you’ve now received the ability to claim?


I have not received any claim option yet.

Will DM you with the details, right?