Previously Uphold. Unsupported Country. Now Unverified. No Claim Button

I can’t claim either. Tested in 2 devices.


How can u earn 9 BAT per month?

I use the browser for more than 8 hours every day

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same here this month i got the rewards but when i opened it it suddenly logged out of the uphold account and got disconected and now if i try to connect it is is showing region not suported

“Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for Brave Rewards verification at this time.”

this is the error which is occuring

can anyone help me please

when did you start??
I never miss a claim button every month since I started 2 years ago…

If you have experience that many months now, you should have DM the mods or submit a ticket.

This is resolved now.

I just received a late Claim.

Thank you Mr. @steeven

Brave team have to arrange a option to use brave wallet instead of uphold. Because, uphold is currently supporting only few countries.

Not exactly… The list of supported countries continues to shrink due to the constantly shifting landscape of cryptocurrency’s regulatory/tax/legal sectors, as well as governments’ ambiguous stances regarding users earning, mining, buying, trading, and/or swapping crypto. Many of the unsupported countries have some form of law, mandate, legislation, tax code or something similar that acts kind of like a barrier to entry and creates an untenable situation for either the user participating in earning BAT Brave rewards or for Brave to run into red tape when trying to offer this rewards system to users in certain regions. Brave stated that they are "continually working WITH Uphold to determine if and when some or many of these unsupported countries can be effectively supported once again.

Since the Brave wallet is a free service and they are constantly trying to identify ways to once again support the regions that have become unsupported, I am going to go out on a limb and say no; Brave’s is not trying to “funnel” users in to using their particular wallet. Brave has something like over 50M monthly users now… I DOUBT they are that desperate just to get users to use a free service. But, thats just my 2sats… and Ive been wrong before, soooo… :wink:

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