Possible to send url links laptop/android?

Is there any way to send url links to different devices ?

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Yes, if they are synced. You have two methods. Screenshots will be from Desktop because it’s what I’m using for this, but I’ll try to explain on Android as well. Keep in mind, both of these options require you to have your devices synced and set to share things like open tabs and history.

Method 1: Send to device (less reliable method)

Click on the share button and then Send to Devices. You’ll then have a menu asking which of your devices you want to send the link to.

On Desktop, the share button is on the URL bar, as you see below. If I remember correctly, on Android you have to go to the hamburger menu (three dots) and then click the share (curved arrow to right, I think it is?) button, then can select Send to Devices

Do note that this isn’t always instant and the way it works is it will send a small notification to your device that you’ll need to click/tap in order for it to open in Brave. It checks through Sync something like once every 30-60 seconds, I think it was said. Not sure if that’s been changed or if I’m off on the timeframe.

As an example, this is how it showed up on my iPhone when I sent this site to it the first time. This happened while I left Brave open. But then I went to test with Brave closed and it never notified me and when I opened Brave, it never did send the Twitter link I told to send to my device. Then I opened Brave, went to Reddit, and sent that to my iPhone with it open and it never had the tab sent. This is why I call it less reliable, as it doesn’t work or might be a major delay in receiving if it does. (Update, the Twitter link appeared 5 minutes later, so it might be that it checks like once every 5 minutes…and yes, I’ve been working on this topic for more than 5 minutes as I’m trying to verify information across my Android, iPhone, and Desktop.) I didn’t wait long enough to see if it sends notification if Brave is not open on the device. I also never did receive the Reddit link I shared (been waiting and working on this reply for over 15 minutes now). So yeah…not sure what to tell you on this.

Method 2: Sync Tabs

On Desktop, you can go to History and then Tabs from other devices. This will show you things currently open on other devices. This is a method I use most often as it’s more reliable for me than Send to Devices. So you’ll notice what it does is show each device you have, when you last used it, and the tabs open on it. So I had turned on my old Android I don’t use anymore, clicked on a Brave News article, and then pulled up Synced Tabs on my Desktop to be able to see the site.

This works in a similar way on Android, except it’s not under History. Instead you have to go to Hamburger Menu (three dots) → Recent Tabs and you’ll see information from devices. (And yeah, iOS works even more differently, where you click on a button in area where you switch tabs…you’d think it would be more universal)

Method 3: History (Semi-reliable, might be better with flag)

Normally History only syncs typed URL between devices by default. So this means if you didn’t manually type in the whole website, it won’t show up on History on other device. That said, you can access brave://flags on Android and Desktop, where they have Send All History to Brave Sync, which should share everything between devices. I haven’t used this yet. With this in place, you should be able to just look for things you had open and may no longer be open on other devices.

Because I don’t use my Android anymore and iPhone doesn’t have access to flags, I’ve not enabled the full history. So can’t speak to the reliability on this. But the typed history works well and is something I’ve used to share links.

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