I keep getting redirects on Web page no matter which settings I implement

Each time I use the website https://moviesjoy.to/ I get redirected after each click. Am I doing something wrong? I currently run android v5. 1

Not single redirection happened on my side.

Turn the adblocker to aggressive mode. It can be done from the orange lion icon or from settings.

Are you referring to redirections or pop-ups? Both are separate things.

If you are referring to pop-ups then follow this tutorial

Add moviesjoy.to###modalshare into brave://adblock

Not sure if you mean you had no issues? Just a FYI, I just tested website on my Samsung Galaxy S9 that’s running Android 10. Results are as you see below:

And Shield settings are good. What I didn’t show is for filters I have Fanboy Annoyances and uBlock Annoyances.

Yeah, doesn’t happen on Desktop. Then again, I know I have a bunch of things written in on desktop that I forget what they were from or for, lol. Have a feeling none of them would apply to the site, but custom filters I’ve put in over time from you and Fanboynz are:

spigotunlocked.org##.FBUD8wiXCIp.\31 IefcHFAhDH6 > div:nth-of-type(1) > .fa-2x

spigotunlocked.org##.FBUD8wiXCIp.\31 IefcHFAhDH6 > div:nth-of-type(1)


And putting in moviesjoy.to##html > iframe doesn’t seem to impact. Here’s what happens:

Try Forcing an update of Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.143 in brave:://components.

Then refresh the web page

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@fanboynz Much better. Still the one little ad thing covering the player, but closes easily and doesn’t trigger other ads as it had done before. It’s a HUGE difference. Awesome.

@DAMES should work for you as well. Make sure to update at brave://components then should see clear and easy like in video below. If so, make sure to mark Fanboynz as Solution.

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