Popups Aren't Always Blocked on Mobile (iOS)

Description of the issue:

When accessing certain websites the Brave browser doesn’t block popups

How can this issue be reproduced?

I have no issues on the Desktop version of Brave. However, using the mobile Brave browser on certain websites doesn’t block popups. The sites I use for anime and movies both encounter this issue: aniwave.to and myflixerz.to

  1. Go to show/movie website
  2. Click movie/show/anime
  3. Popup/redirect appears
  4. Close new tab
  5. Try again
  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 until popups/redirects cease to persist

Additional Information:

  • I have had other people report the same issue on different mobile devices than the one I use
  • Increasing the Trackers & Ads Blocking setting to Aggressive doesn’t mitigate the issue
  • Enabling the Fanboy’s Annoyances and uBlock Annoyances (used with Fanboy’s Annoyances) inside the Content Filtering settings doesn’t mitigate the issue
  • Enabling all Fanboy and uBlock filters inside the Content Filtering settings doesn’t mitigate the issue

Expected result:

I expect videos/shows to open without popups.

Brave Version:

Version 1.56 (
BraveCore 1.56.13 (115.0.5790.136)

Mobile Device details

Iphone 12 Pro Max

iOS Version 16.6 (20G75)

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@SnipesIII First off, want to let you know I’m moving your topic. You posted for browser support but then go on to describe an issue with adblock. Obviously will be better placed at Ad-Blocking

Then I’ll advise you change sites and stop using Aniwave. I know Aniwave is what 9anime moved to, but it is indeed worse than it used to be. What I had done was paid attention to the bottom right of the videos playing and saw that they always had a watermark from anix.to, so I checked and that is indeed a website. I don’t know if it will continue working well, but I’ve not had ads or issues from it.

So rather than using sites like Aniwave which is just grabbing content from Anix, I’d say just try giving Anix a shot. Let me know if it works well for you as well.

In regards to myflixerz.to, these sites always have rolling ad servers and are hard to handle. On top of that, iOS version is a bit more restricted on its adblocking capabilities. That said, can share and see if Fanboynz will be able to do anything on it (or even both the sites you mentioned).

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@fanboynz Pop-ups are seeming to get through on iOS for myflixerz.to and aniwave.to. Is this as I described above, that rolling ad servers and all will make it kind difficult or impossible to handle or think can roll out some fixes?

I know Shields holds up well on Desktop and all, but still always seeming like iOS is less capable.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check out that site. Even when they were 9anime I had the same issue (except the only redirect I ever got was hentai hero lol). The redirects now that it’s aniwave seem a lot sketchier (like fake VPN’s, setting changes, etc.). I’d noticed the watermark but don’t typically go to a site on a watermark to reduce my risk since I don’t watch on mobile usually it hadn’t been an issue. I don’t like leaving loose ends untied though and I wanted to find a proper solution. I’ll keep checking to see if there ends up being a resolution for myflixerz since I don’t know of any other movie sites that don’t have popups/redirects on mobile. Thank you!

2 parts;

  • iOS blocking is a bit limited, especially on pirated/streaming sites since many of them use randomised adservers.

  • The Fake VPN ads could be blocked but since one domain could have 10+ mirror sites which change weekly or monthly. So while we could block it for one domain, there would many other domains where we would need to cover. This could be resolved eventually on desktop with domain wildcards somedomain.*##.vpn-ads instead of somedomain.com,somedomain.xyz,somedomain.top##.vpn-ads. Domain wildcards are a WIP.


That’s too bad. Using the other anime site is good enough for now but it’s pretty much unbearable to try to use a movie site because of the randomized ad servers. Thank you guys for the insight and I hope that someday Brave’s iOS compatibility will become even stronger. Have a great week.

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