Pop-up blocker Afor mobile and pc browser

what brave could still use is a pop-up blocker for ads that aren’t so easy to block with the brave shield! and since you don’t have add-ons as easy on a cell phone as on a pc, I would ask you to take this to heart and add a new function to the Brave shield add that allows mobile/pc users to block annoying pop-ups! pushes the post up or load it but since honestly pop-ups also fall under ads.
Which you can block on the pc with an extension of your choice, but this is not so easy in the mobile phone version because you cannot install any extensions.

There is no need for extension in the first place, brave shields is already able to do it.

Go to brave://settings/shields/filters and tick mark CJX Annonyance, Fanboyz Annonyances, Ublock Origin Annonynaces, Easylist Cookie, Fanboy social.

On android, do it via brave://adblock

Go to brave://settings/content/popups and select Don’t allow.

Any specific site you’re seeing popups?

pop-ups yes, of course, on voe.sx streamtape and all such sites Where to upload video! Doesn’t block brave the aggressive popups, let alone Chromium blocks them not. Brave shield Block no aggressive popups opening in new tab on video site like VUPload, DodoStream and many others site like this YouTube is fine but I don’t use brave for watching youtube videos on Mobile! There are far better places where you can watch ads free videos. For example, the newpipe app is the non-legal alternative to add free videos. And for Spoty there is a legal alternative that is based on the Spotify API and is called Spotube, a free alternative to the premium version. For this I use Brave not only for which I use Brave is for any anime aka streaming online on legal Or illegal let’s leave it out now Still, Especially the sites mentioned when you play the videos on agresiever there or on other third-party video uploads sites pop ups in a new tab open this is what I mean…

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