Add options to Brave shield to block popup adds

It would be great if brave shield have option to block popups because they are verry annoying. That it would have feature like that chrome extension.

Example of the site that has popup ads:

If that would be already implemented in brave it would be awesome (specially on the phone). Thoughts?

rarbg has a number of mirrors. But added to the list, should limit some of the popups;

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rarbg has found a way around brave popup blocking. In the last month it has gotten progressively worse to the point where it is basically popping up a site every other click. It just popped open a “Microsoft Support” tab and set it to fullscreen on me. The mirror I’m visiting ( is on the list referenced and seems to do nothing.

I agree. Every other click you get popup and it’s very annoying. I isntalled chrome extesion for popup blocker that I mention earlier and now I don’t get popups but it would be great if brave could make popup shield better so I wouldn’t need extensions for that.

Yeah, agreed. In the coming releases we’ll have better filtering to combat this type of issue

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