Please get rid of the address bar in full screen!

I found this video where people can choose to hide the address bar in brave. Why can’t I do it on my phone? Can any one please make it where it vanishes until a mouse over type deal or something??? Maybe drag your finger a certain way, or scroll down or up at a certain rate?? It’s just such a waste of screen space and it’s annoying as hell. Who needs to always see a gray bar telling them what website they are on?? Can there at least be an “option” to get rid of the wasteful unnecessary permanent address bar?? Like people can do on other devices?? PLEASE, PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE??? I’m working with a iPhone SE 1st gen. I like the small size but value every pixel. I don’t need to be permanently reminded of the address for the 2 hours I’m watching a video. I’m well aware of what I’m watching, with a big annoying gray bar taking up valuable real estate on my screen. Thank you,


It’s for security purposes. The website can replace the url without you knowing. Notice that other browsers always show the bar as well.
The bar is not visible if you watch a video in full screen

Hi again,
I’m a bit “confused”. I sent you the YouTube video of the guy able to do it in brave on a different device which appears to be a non MAC iOS device. If I’m in X and turn the screen the bars go away. If I’m in Rumble the bars go away. Why would switching to “full screen” be the only way to get rid of it? What if what I’m watching or reading something that doesn’t have a “full screen” option?? So I zoom in and still… there’s that annoying title bar GLARING IN YOUR FACE WASTING 5-20% of my valuable screen space.

It doesn’t make any sense to me. Can you at least make an option so it “fades out” or “disappears” after a few seconds? Then if you click on a link or in your case with your “security concern” that the website automatically redirects you, well then every time a new page is loaded then the title bar can pop up “like a notification” for a few seconds and then vanish again. The have “notifications” and “messages” popping up all over, You can’t make the address bar do that? Or at least make it an option? What you currently have is glaring, visually annoying, and waste of valuable screen space (pixels). I still don’t understand how it’s for “security” if people can do the “exact thing I’m requesting already “ in Brave on other operating systems.??? I still am not fathoming how having an Address bar that vanishes or you can zoom off the screen is some sort of security issue. I think I’d be aware that the website page I was in the mid sentence of reading loaded to different page. Like I said if a “new” page is loading, have the address bar visible. Then after it loads, say 3-5 seconds, have it fade away… then if a different page is loading , have it become visible again. There’s no need for that address bar to ALWAYS be sitting there taking up valuable screen real estate. It’s like putting blinders on a horse, For no reason. Blinders are for when horses are in very busy areas with lots of commotion. They limit the field of view so the horse won’t spook as often… but they don’t need them when they are out in their pasture. They only need them that finite % of time when they are around chaotic crowds. The other 90% + of their lives they live without the blinders. Your address bar is like putting blinders on peoples screen space for their entire life and not just the 5-10% of the time it’s necessary.

I can go on my windows laptop and select “hide toolbars”, “Hide address bar” etc… then if I bring the mouse to the top of the screen the address bar appears! Much like the MAC operating systems do as well.

Why can’t someone do something similar for the iPhone version of Brave??

Everybody else can do it



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