Please stop creating these folders

Description of the issue: Brave keeps creating these useless chrome_url_fetcher folders in Program Files. I delete them and it just creates more and more over time.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Use Brave browser
  2. chrome_url_fetcher_(randomcrap) folders start appearing in C:\Program Files
  3. ???
  4. Profit

Expected result: Stop creating these folders

Brave Version( check About Brave): v1.58.137

Additional Information:

@unknown69 just an FYI, chrome_url_fetcher is basically your cache. It used to have a toggle where it said things like Preload pages for faster browsing and searching or Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly. But those kind of disappeared after Chromium 73 or so.

I’ll tag @Mattches in to see if he’s aware of anything in particular that can be done in the settings to adjust this. But I’ll also say you shouldn’t have much there. When I checked my entries, most of it is related to extensions. Sure, 45 entries for yesterday and today, but nothing older was there.

I’ll end this with a reply from ChatGPT which may give you an extra option, though no idea of what negative consequences it could have for you:

To disable the URL fetcher for Brave on Windows, you need to use a command line switch when launching your browser. According to one of the web search results, there are many command line switches that can be used with Chromium-based browsers, such as --disable-web-security or --ignore-certificate-errors. You can find a list of them here. For example, you can run this command in a terminal:

$ brave-browser --disable-web-security --ignore-urlfetcher-cert-requests

This will disable web security and ignore URL fetcher certificate requests for Brave. However, this may also have some security risks, so use it with caution. You can also try disabling all extensions in your browser and see if the problem persists . I hope this helps you. :blush:

Again…I don’t know about the validity or safety of the ChatGPT response shared above. Just sharing it in case it’s bugging you enough and you don’t care. But otherwise I’d say to hang on and we’ll hope Mattches can give some more info on what you’re seeing and if there’s toggles. But it might just come down to the idea that it is something that should be there and isn’t able to be “turned off” officially.

@Saoiray This bug has been affecting numerous users and has already enough reports on gitHub & reddit. Essentially, it generates temporary files in the ‘C/Program Files’ directory when, in fact, they should be directed to the default temporary folder.

Have a look at this:

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