Hi all. My first post.

To my doubt I found many questions on the web, but no precise and authoritative answer.
The question was also asked in this forum, but there was no answer and the discussions were all closed after 30 days.
So, even though I know I’m asking about a topic that has already been discussed, I ask the same question once again hoping for an answer.

At the address C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp there are more than thirty “chrome_url_fetcher_XXXX_XXXXXXXXX” folders.
Someone has supposed that they could be the cache of Brave, but in the meantime they remain on that path and accumulate day after day.

Can I kindly confirm that they are created by Brave? Can older versions be deleted even though they will be recreated daily?
Why doesn’t Brave come with a routine capable of deleting at least the oldest ones?

I forgot… in the settings I asked Brave to delete EVERYTHING on exit, from the beginning.
So cache and temporary files have been deleted or not?


further files continue below…

Up please, I would like to understand . . .

I found this after opening the .crx file with notepad. The first 3 characters are CR24 so I searched CR24 + .crx + chrome_url_fetcher.
Here is a link to Google Chrome Extensions (Labs) CRX Package Format page.


Congratulations for the imagination. I would never have thought of doing a search on CR24.

it is an upstream issue

some people get it in program files, so be thankful it is in the right place.

But it is a random Chromium issue, not Brave. Only Chromium can fix it and it’s been years of it as you can see by the dates.

Probably more issues with it, that last one is recent.

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