Please make "Print as PDF" ("Open PDF in Preview") more accessible

I use “Print as PDF” a lot. In Brave, “Print as PDF” is located in: Print -> “More settings” -> Scroll all the way to the bottom -> “Open PDF in Preview” -> Cmd+S.

“Print as PDF” is something many people use. Clicking “More settings” and having to scroll all the way down—every single time—adds more steps for an often-used feature.

Could you please make “Print as PDF”/“Open PDF in Preview” more accessible?

In the meantime, there’s a VERY useful extension that makes printing to .pdf one-click easy as you (and I) desire. It’s appropriately titled: “Save as Pdf” and works as advertised (at least for me and evidently some thousands of others). For the record, I have no affiliation with any extension developers. This extension just works for me saving time and frustration!

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I just type Ctrl+P and can save to PDF right away

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Save as PDF does not necessarily do the same thing as print as PDF, particularly on sites that have a “print this” link.

How about a non-browser solution?
This is what I use to print as PDF.

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