Please Make a 32 bit version of Brave for Linux Ubuntu

Would you please consider making a 32 bit version for people that have upgraded older computers to Linux Ubuntu? I am currently using a 2007 MacBook Pro that has Linux installed as a dual boot. In trying to install Brave browser, I see that 64 bit is needed. I also saw that there are others that have requested a 32 bit version, and searches for ways to install Brave with the 32 bit version. Surely I must not be the first person to request this. I have a 12" MacBook and an iMac that I also use with the Brave browser, and I love it! I want to switch over to the older MacBook pro running Linux, but have got used to the security with Brave, and would really love if you would consider a 32 bit version, please?
Thank you,
Julie H

Sadly Google dropped support for Chrome on 32-bit Linux a few years ago. Supporting that platform now might require a lot of effort on Brave’s part since there is no guarantee that the underlying Chromium, that is the basis for the Brave browser, would work.

At this time, we have chosen to focus our limited Linux resources on making things work for 64-bit users. I do realize that it is unfortunate for people who still have perfectly good hardware from the previous CPU generation.

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Thank you so much for your reply. I understand now why it would not be feasible. Much appreciated.