Please fix only 0.25BAT rewards problem (second attempt)

Please , I have received in 4 months only once the correct amount of BAT, for the three other months only received 0.25 BAT, even if estimated amount was much higher. One month ago you answered that this will be corrected in some point of time, but I still miss my rewards. I can’t imagine you are not able to solve this, and I saw in previous articles that many users have the same problem, so you should be perfectly aware of it. I dont want to receive an amount that is not correct, but the exact amount of rewards for ads I engaded with. examole: only in March 22, i have an estimated amount which is almost identic to the amount of rewards received for the past four months. So, if brave sends me for march only 0.25 BAT, that would be a sort of stealing from me. Please dont answer if you wont explain exactly the issue without asking me for any patience anymore. Please fix this immediatly, it is only overdue to solve this embarassment for many users.

theese are my estimated BAT for march. Dont send me 0.25 BAT i dont need it. I want all my rewards for march and previous months. Thanks.

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this is the estimated BAT for march. Please dont send me 0.25 BAT. I will uninstall brave. thanks

No answer. Well, thanks.

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