Brave rewards were showing that I will get 2 bats on april 8 but today when I claimed I only got .250 bats. Why?

My brave rewards were showing that I will be credited 2 bats on april 8 but today I only got .250bats.

My brave veraion is 1.36.112.
Help reaolve the issue.


I have had the same issue I was meant to get 4 BAT by the estimate then I was to receive 1.5 when the month ended and the summary was shown which was an error then 3 + BAT when that was corrected and when I claimed I also got .025 BAT could be a common issue which will be fixed soon I hope the Devs see this thread and work towards a fix

There are multiple posts on the exact same issue. Please be patient.

Ok, we can wait, but dose this is just an issue or new policy?

Oh I know the Devs will fix it eventually they do work towards trying to please the community each month when there is errors or bugs like you said just got to wait :+1:t2:

This is a new issue so it may be monday before there is a response.

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