Please bring back referral program for new members

Here’s the real reason I want this program to open.
I live in a 3rd world country where technology penetration rate is high enough. In fact, only less than a thousand knows about Brave browser. Therefore, I have millions of user candidate for Brave community. You know where this leads.

But for now, I just wanted to know if there’s any news from the devs about this program.
Everyone is allowed to discuss!

I also want the referral rewards program to return @steeven information please

The devs explained the reasoning behind the removing referral program here
In short, the referral program achieved what it had to do. There is no need for it now, Brave has more than 20 million active monthly users. The money could be spent where it would be more useful.
Also, living in a country that has a high population doesn’t mean that you can convince that many users to install Brave. Brave is appealing to people who already know something about FOSS and privacy, and there are many who just go with the apps which are already installed on their system by someone else.
There is also a familiarity problem. Some people just want everything the way they already feel familiar with it.

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