Referral program!

  1. Good afternoon! please tell me someone, is there a referral program in the Brave browser?

  2. Can I invite people to Brave via a referral link?

  3. Where can I get a referral link?

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Hi @Kriptonec

Thank you for expressing an interest in our referral program. Unfortunately at this time, we are no longer accepting new participants in the program.

Please see our official blog post for more information.

Thank you!


In fact, I have been registered for a long time back in 2020, do I participate in the referral program in this case and can I find my referral link?)

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Hi @Kriptonec,

Unless you were a participant in the referral program before it ended, we are no longer accepting new participants in the program.
Can you confirm that you were in the referral program prior to it’s closing?

  1. I have a referral link, can you use it to determine when I became a member?

  2. Back on March 8, 2020, I wrote an article about the Brave browser on my website, I can also provide it, maybe it can prove it?

What should I give you from this, or please give me advice on how I can still prove to you that I was a participant before the referral program was closed?

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