Add keyboard shortcut for "Mute Site", add "Mute All Sites" feature

I greatly appreciate the fact that Brave automatically mutes tabs by default.

It would be great if there was a default keyboard shortcut for the “Mute Site” option, to allow me to quickly mute or unmute a site without having to find the tiny mute icon in the tab bar, or going to the menu bar Tab::Mute Site option. Since I primarily use macOS, I have created a manual shortcut for this: ⌥ ⌘ m, but it would be good to have this as a universal default

Another useful feature would be a “Mute All Sites” so that I could mute all tabs in Brave, and not have to resort to the system-wide mute. This would be helpful if I’ve accidentally got multiple tabs making noise at the same time. Or, maybe a “Mute Other Sites” that would mute all tabs except the currently focused one.