Playing YouTube videos on iPhone at fast playback Speed sounds horrible

Hello, I’m enjoying this browser very much. But on iPhone when I play YouTube videos in a faster playback speed than 1 like 1.5 the sound quality becomes bad, kind of “robotic”. Safari had the same issue on YouTube videos but they fixed it.

Hey @Leodnx

Just tested a sample music video, on my iphone 8 Plus, wasn’t speed up and played back normally. Not aware of any previous safari issues

Maybe try clearing the Private Data (under settings/Shields/Privacy). And possibly restarting the phone also.

Hello @fanboynz, the problem is that if you WANT TO play videos in x1.5 speed then the sound becomes bad. Not in normal speed.

Okay, sorry for the misunderstanding.

Tested various videos (using a iphone 8plus), switching between 1.0x, 1.5x and even 2.0x. 1.5x played fine, no audio issues other than the obvious speed up in video/audio. Maybe pause/unpause video when switching.

Does it occur on every video, or only select videos?

no problem. it occur on every video only on brave iphone. On brave android is no problem.

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