Pin to task bar pins incorrect profile

Pinning to task bar (windows11) while in profile A ends up pinning Profile B or C or a different ghost profile which no longer exists (different story).

So you can see the names and profile icons here. Next screen shot shows my pinned brave using the “Research Profile” but it pins the ghost profile “Trader” with the proper Icon though.

Trader profile is one the vanished in the below mentioned windows restore.

A note on the ghost profiles which I don’t think are related but who knows. I had to windows restore a week ago because of overclocking mishaps. Now I’ve been using Brave for years and these profiles were years old but for some reason after windows restored a month back most of my Brave profiles disappeared so I made new ones.

Does this happen when you pin only the open profile to the taskbar? For example, if you have Profile 1 open, pin it, does it pin to the task bar properly? Further, if you then open only you Programming profile, then try to pin it, does it work?

I think the issue is the ghost profiles. Is there a directory or registry I can go look to clean things up.

When I pin default profile; the pin is Brave Browser program in general. If I pin “Research Reading” it pins correctly. (well it did) when I pinned others it seems to have changed the name of “Research Reading” to one of the dead profile names. Though they all are opening the correct profile. Just the link name is all wrong.





(wasn’t able to post all pics due to being new user)

The only one with the correct name is Programming, but it has the wrong color icon. The rest have all taken up the missing profile names since windows restore.

Oh and as to what you suggested having only the one profile open and attempting to pin results in the same.

Thank you for the information. Will dig into this and let you know what I find out.

Actually the last pin doesn’t open my webgames it opens the old Darkweb profile in TOR. So that’s really odd. I need to clean wipe of brave i think.

Even downloads on some sites are odd. The first download triggers correctly when left clicking, every other one for the rest of the day I have to right click and save as.

Still waiting to hear back from some devs. In the meantime, before you uninstall/wipe your current installation, can you run a quick test using the Beta build and see if you get the same behavior? Note installing/running Beta will not overwrite anything from your current installation — it will run parallel to it as a separate browser.

Let me know what you find out.

I made 3 profiles plus the default and pinned all 4 and they work correctly. Little pic to help visualize.

I imagine the beta uses it’s own unique folder so I figured it would work fine. If I knew where the profiles were stored (I found a lot of folders/files in appdata/local/bravesoftware. I could attempt to delete that one folder.

Though this is obviously still a bug and I should probably report it on Github.

Not sure if it is relevant but you’ll note the beta orders the profiles differently than my non beta version. EDIT. n/m it’s alphabetical

I was preparing to migrate to the beta, getting my profiles and pins setup when I noticed the beta has the same issue. When you change the name of your profile, and you attempt to make a pin it always uses the old profile name. I’m uninstalling everything now with revo and will start fresh with beta.

I used revo uninstaller to delete every aspect of brave and brave beta from my computer. Included a lot of registry keys. How ever it missed the Brave Sofeware folder in the local folder. Which I manually deleted. No matter what I do, I can not prevent it from pinning with the old profile names. I’ll try a restart next and after that I’ll search for a registry with the exact username incase revo missed it.

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