Preset tabs at new browser window

I just learned that you can use groups to organize tabs. But i would like to go 1 step further. At my school I have a lot of different pages I need to visit to be able to get the subject matter. So I taught, what if I could open a new window and have preset groups and tabs already there, 1 for math, one for English. That kind of stuff. I wondered about this because if you are working and are done with everything, I just permanently close all tabs and start over, so in such a case it would be nice to not have to add standard groups and tabs every time.

But would this be possible for renderforest mod apk? I am using Brave right now, don’t know if there is any difference in other browsers.

Thank you for your time, have a nice day! :slight_smile: Sry for my bad explanations

I’ve looked around, couldn’t find anything.

Maybe you could add that page to home screen and name whatever you want to to that shortcut.
To add a shortcut, on a mobile device
Click on the three vertical dots on the bottom → add to home screen → name the shortcut in the prompt

For mobile do check you’ve permitted Brave to add home screen shortcuts.

For PC
Click on the hamburger / horizontal lines near the Search bar → More tools → Add a shortcut

Hello @Adiya thank you for reaching us out. This is doable in desktop version: first, save the pages as bookmarks; second, classify the bookmarks into folders; third, right click the bookmark folder and select “Open all (number of bookmarks) in new tab group” and there you go. For mobile version, we currently don’t have the option, however you can submit a Feature request:


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