People all around the world should be able to gain BAT

Hi friends, I’m from Argentina, and have downloaded Brave some days ago. I noticed that I wasn’t getting any BAT and then found out that only select countries’s citizens can gain BAT by using Brave. I haven’t seen any posts on this issue and think it is of primordial importance that all people who are using an online, mind you, service get the same features. BAT is a huge part of what drew me to Brave, and I feel like offering that without saying right off the bat that only some countries have access to it lacks transparency from part of the team developing this browser. I feel like this browser has the potential to be great but these types of things should be solved ASAP. It needs to be inclusive to everyone because nowadays people with unrestrained access to the internet are global citizens, not discriminated, and Brave should become part of that movement.
Thanks for reading this post! Despite this issue, I actually still really like Brave, don’t get me wrong.

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Hi @Nachog,

Thanks for taking the time to write in, and welcome to community! We totally agree, and we are working toward opening up our Rewards platform to more and more regions. This is a priority for our team and something that you can expect to see more of.

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Thanks for the early reply! Glad to know, thanks!

No problem at all @Nachog!

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