Free bat token claim

I have been using the BRAVE browser for more than two months and I not received my BAT on my account
so they understood they give 20 BAT a month but I have not received any


BAT grants are based on availability, there is a limited pool which becomes exhausted.
We do not give 20 BAT every month to every user.

If you’re using the desktop version and would like to have some BAT, you can earn them by enabling Ads here : brave://rewards/

I hope that helps!

i used a desktop version and have enable ADS for one month but cannot receive any token

Are you in one of the 5 Ads supported regions?

There are many reason you may not be receiving ads. Please see our Ads FAQ and see if this answers your question. Additionally, if using Windows, there are some notifications settings that may need to be adjusted before ads can be viewed.

After checking the documents linked above and you still believe you’re encountering an issue, please open a new topic in the correct category and we’d be happy to assist.

how to test if BRAVE ADS is enable on my region (Argentina)

How to search a keyboard to gain bat token

hi , i did that still 0 ads , i check each time 0 ads :woozy_face:

Ah, unfortunately Argentina is not in one of the 5 supported regions (US , Canada, UK, French, and Germany)

Im in the U.S. and I haven’t got any bat viewed adds and still nothing or the 25 for installing not happy at all wasting my time.

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