Payout in Pending

From last few months my payout in publishers account is pending. How to withdraw those BAT in my Uphold Account.

@Nirmal29 publisher payout is happens automatically around 8th, every month, US time zone.

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How can i withdraw this 3.80 BAT? From last few months the payout is still in progress

me too, pending, and it say next reward on 9th sept, after that still 0, it say again 5th oct, and still same, is this brave scam ?

@Nirmal29 :point_up::sweat_smile:

Just want to make sure. When you connect your Uphold account?

@Erry007 did you asking as publisher or user? 8th or 9th payout is for publisher. And 5th is for ads earning payout (for user).

@eljuno and ? still no payment ? wanna be publisher or browser ad reward, in this 2 month

I am getting paid on 8th November