Payments are not made

Payments are made late every month, all payments are delayed. Also some funds are lost, payments are made in half, only 1 of my 3 accounts has been paid. This is truly a disgrace.


I have a verified Gemini account, which supposedly have received all their payments for December 2021, and I have nothing. I was expecting a good size payment as well after a ton of ads. I think a bug in their system allowed me to get more ads and a higher than average estimated payout, but 0 BAT. Shameful.


Still waiting on my Gemini payment too! I got a hold of @steeven and he said my account was flagged. He said he removed it and now I will receive a payment. Hoping it works!

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I’m in the same boat: Gemini verified account and no rewards.


Users from so many different countries are facing the same problem, but the result is that they all “made the same mistake” and nobody helps.


steeven said that the account was flagged so I wont receive payment until next month :pensive:

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Please follow this thread for updates regarding January payments to verified Uphold wallets - Ads Payout Status Update.

Thank you for your patience!