I didn't receive any response from the support team at all

I’m from Japan and I have written many letters to the Brave community. But Aa-ron and Steeven couldn’t answer it for me. If I don’t receive my payment next month I will lose it, and you won’t have to pay it. Hey, please answer.

@Aa-ron @steeven Don’t run away from me anymore. You are still working on the team why not answer me. Think of the work I have worked for you and have not been paid into Paypal for the past 5 months. I need a newly launched payment gateway for me to receive my legal funds.

But based on the latest reply, support team is already aware of your issue. No? Payments in Japan via Paypal

Its same in India too, @steeven already has the requested details but is not answer/replying to my messages

@steeven I will uninstall brave if i don’t get my ad revenue for January

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