Payments in Japan via Paypal

I have posted to the Brave community a lot of comments about the publisher payment issue in Japan for the past 5 months but have not been resolved. They always ask to look, but it’s been too long to deal with that. I am asking for a payment plan for me.

@steeven @Aa-ron You work irresponsibly. Even though you guys are still active but don’t complain and settle for me. I have to wait until the payment is received. You must have a plan to pay me. You guys keep quiet to finish that payment you won’t have to pay me? Lie

Now you must give me the answer why I have not received the payment even though I have connected and fully verified my bank account on Paypal. And what to replace if Paypal cannot receive your payment. I will send you my personal wallet address with BAT. Give me the amount of money I have in there.

Thanks for following up. I see that you re-connected your Paypal wallet as requested. I’ll let the team know and to further investigate this issue. I’m closing this thread as it’s a duplicate and we have several DM’s going.

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