Brave's rewards not paid in Japan

Brave’s rewards not paid in Japan

I am Japanese. Regarding the rewards for the creators of Brave Rewards, the September fixed amount has not been paid yet. (Introduction activities started in September.)

● Paypal and bank account are linked and it is “connected”.

However, when I select “Check status again”, “Paypal account has not been authenticated yet” is displayed.

I have registered my bank account many times and it is “connected”.

What is the reason why September is not paid at all after November 18th?

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Hi @youyou69

The payments are withdraw on your Uphold account.
I also suggest you to post another screenshot of your Brave Rewards acocunt after swtiching your browser in English :wink:


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I live in Japan.

It seems that the Uphold account cannot be linked. So I’m linking Paypal as shown in the image

I already have a PayPal account linked and I am also connected to a Japanese bank. I still haven’t received any payment.

I’ve set it up correctly, but I’m having trouble with the phenomenon that my account isn’t recognized as being set up correctly.

help me!!!

help me!!
Money is not paid

@youyou69 please see our DM. Thank you.

Me too. Looks like they’re not paying us. I have been sending letters and have been waiting for 4 months but have not received it. My Paypal has successfully verified and connected to Japanese Bane bank account in my name. I try to ask if we don’t receive it in the next month until we stop paying, we won’t get paid. Please review the PayPal payment gateway and add our payment gateway.@steeven

Help has yet to be received. This requires urgent remedy so that we do not have a payment delay. If not, come up with a new way for us to receive your payment. I’ve been delayed for 4 months now and still haven’t found Brave’s fault @steeven