Paying The BAT in Brave Wallet

Hey Team,

I am well aware of the custodian not allowing to link Brave with them in many regions.
So he is a proposed solution:

Instead of using any custodial, you can use brave wallet itself or can send it within metamask wallets.

In this you don’t have to comply with region standards and people will be able to get BATS too.

This can be a temporary solution, and it’s better to send the same to metamask, add a section to add metamask public ID and since it’s on Ethereum chain, I think it will be compatible with the same.

Let me know what are the issues coming up in this approach

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Unfortunately, that’s not as simple as it may sound to you. Most governments have requirements over reporting. In order for Brave to pay directly to Users, they would need to collect everyone’s information, report it to governments, etc.

They are always looking at options. For example, there’s been talk of a new Exchange or two being added soon. Unfortunately they aren’t revealing much about it yet, except that it’s coming. We have no idea if it will be available to some of the unsupported regions or what the new exchange will bring.

In any case, official response about receiving BAT in Brave Wallet can be seen at which I’ll also quote below:

BAT Rewards come in the form of virtual BAT (vBAT) until you verify with an exchange. When you verify with an exchange, your vBAT gets deposited there and converted to real BAT. The step for going to an exchange is required for AML/KYC reasons. We’re looking at the decentralization process for Brave ads rewards as part of Themis

Brave Wallet is a self custody wallet and therefore we cannot currently pay to it for the user rev-share for ads. We would need to KYC/AML your address and may also need a money transmitter license to do so.

For tipping, we are planning to implement on-chain P2P tipping. There are some things to work through including high Ethereum gas fees and no anonymity on Ethereum. After we have Solana support we will likely add this pretty quickly.

I’ve actually been trying to inquire more about the P2P tipping since we have Solana now, but unfortunately no real responses have been given about that either. Yet that’s something different from BAT payouts.

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