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The passwordless login is a bit of a hassle. Leave it as an option if you must but we have password managers (Brave being one even), so why do I need to go through my email service every time I want to login as if I’m doing password recovery? I know the “benefits” of this but I don’t agree with them for this usecase. Would be nice to have a way for example to log into Leo from my work computer without having to type my email credentials there, only having to type my brave account credentials. Related post about logging in with multiple browsers to Leo: Premium device limits and privacy considerations - #2 by Tritonio

Hey, @Tritonio . Your post also made me re-think that the “required“ authentication that is being used right now is very un-polished. I might not be as affected by it like you are, since I have Thunderbird setup as an E-mail Client.

But like you wrote, it has to be slightly annoying to have this proceedings in order to just “refresh“, Leo, from a work perspective.

What is a quite strange approach is, tho; Brave doesn’t offer their own E-mail Services, E-mail client, or anything else that “should’ve“ made them to push it the way it is setup as of right now.

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Im not sure this help you in anyway @Tritonio , but I got extremly tired about not knowing or not having an “easy” way to refresh the Search/Leo sessions, so I made this:

So I added the “Required to accept new session” link to the same tab/list as where Brave-Leo icon is available!

I am getting very frustrated with brave Leo, I have premium and the system doesn’t recognize my account and its slowing me down because its says I have to upgrade to premium when I already have it? Does anyone know how to fix this?

Try cleaning Leo’s data from the Leo tab in Brave’s settings and then login again to your brave premium account. @boldstealth1

I’m not sure I understand what problem you are trying to solve @GnenoTheGnome nor am completely sure what the “required to accept new session” link is. Is is the login to brave account link?

Yeh, im sorry I made it so confusing @Tritonio . It’s simply a shortcut for Brave Account .

Realised after I made that reply it doesnt help anything \or\ anyone… :person_facepalming: (maybe for myself only…)

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