How to stay permanently logged in to Brave(for premium search/leo)

How do you stay permanently logged into so I dont have to constantly go through the email based login process? I seem to have to do this daily, every time I open the browser, etc…

I searched through past topics and have not seen this question asked.

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I’m having the same problem. I’m on Windows 11 Pro v23H2, and Brave v 1.62.156
When I shut down my PC and restart it, I have to log in to all my accounts (email, etc) again in Brave.
This is new behaviour in the last month or so.

I mean as a Brave user into Brave. For Leo and Brave search premium. I do not mean logging into 3rd party portals.

Has this been fixed yet? I tried the subscription, but I cancelled it after a couple of months, because I constantly had to log back in. I did pay for both the search and leo, but it is not very useful if i have to constantly log back in every single day to ask Leo a question.

I guess it turned into a cycle where I kept turning to normal search instead, and because I didn’t use it that often, it meant that every time I actually tried to use it, I would have to log in again. Because of this, it didn’t really reach “critical mass” in a way…

I guess I am willing to try it again, but I will not bother until this is fixed. Please let me know if this is being worked on…

Good day :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention: This was for Leo inside the browser. I am also posting to prevent this from being automatically closed

Brave? Hello? Is this the right place for these questions?

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