Brave Rewards log in via e-mail. Suggestion: implement email/password login



to login, currently I have to enter my e-mail address, then go to my inbox and click the link I received via e-mail, then I need to enter the 2FA.

I have nothing against 2FA, but honestly, why do you send an e-mail to login? I believe the login on should be similar to the remaining 99% of websites on the web, just use login and password and allow users to save their credentials in lastpass or keepass and let them easily enter those credentials. Even if the credentials are stolen, there is 2FA security to protect them. So I really do not see the point of using e-mail (spam). I only need e-mail to register and verify my account, and if I forget the password, to reset it, that’s it. No need for all these e-mails.

Thank you for considering this feature request.
Oh, eventually allow people to login via their google or facebook account, as many other websites do…

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Thanks for the feedback @firepol,

I’m not really sure about this. But let me cc @Asad @chriscat and @Mattches here.



Hi there! Really appreciate your feedback here. We’re always working on making things easier for our users, and the login system is definitely something we’re looking to tune up. You can stay tuned to or our GitHub ( for updates on new features if you’re a true nerd :wink:


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