How to import bookmarks on Android?

Description of the issue: I cannot import the bookmarks from Brave PC to Brave Android

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!): I tried export feature and copied the same in my phone. When I tap to open the file a list comes with all the bookmark links but the bookmarks do not get added in Brave Android.

Expected result: Bookmarks should have been imported to Android

Reproduces how often:

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu): Android Pie, Brave 1.4.2

Additional Information: I can of course do it manually but I have many bookmarks which will take too much time.

Thanks for reaching out. There’s no way at this time to import bookmarks in that way – however, you can use Brave Sync to sync bookmarks across devices.


I tried the Sync feature. It worked great. All my bookmarks are perfectly synced. I didn’t know this feature existed.

Thank you.
Much appreciated.