Outlook PWA can no longer be installed after URL change

It seems like Outlook’s webapp URL recently changed from https://outlook.office365.com/mail/inbox to https://outlook.office.com/mail/. Microsoft set this up as a seamless redirect, but it led to errors in my installed PWA (on a Silicon Mac). So I uninstalled the web app, thinking I could simply re-install it, but Brave doesn’t give me the option to install the PWA from https://outlook.office.com/mail/.

The same is true for Chrome and other derivates, but I wonder if Brave would be able to re-enable this URL for PWAs downstream?

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@alvanx I just was messing around with it and trying to test. I was able to login and then install a PWA for Outlook if I went in under https://outlook.live.com/mail/0/ (well, showed that after I opened the site after logging in)

Then of course, when I click the install thing on the right hand side of the Search/URL bar, you get the window below that pops up in that spot:

New Tab - Brave 10_5_2022 14_12_20

Are you completing logging in and accessing the inbox prior to trying to install? You should ideally be able to do the same as I pulled up here. (Yes, I’m on Windows 11 Pro rather than Mac. I think it’s supposed to work the same way. If you say it’s not showing up, we can try to bring Mattches or someone over to figure out the disconnect)

Thank you! Yes, I was logged in. Unfortunately, I can’t access https://outlook.live.com/mail/0/, I get redirected to https://outlook.live.com/mail/, where I don’t see the install button. Are you able to install the PWA on that URL, if you can even access it?


Photos 10_5_2022 14_51_19

And to show that it opens and all, at least showing you the top part anyway…

Photos 10_5_2022 14_52_09

What I will say is when I originally logged in, it didn’t have the install option. I navigated to a different page and then back to outlook. It was then that it appeared. Not sure why it originally didn’t want to do it. So not sure if it will work the same way for you?

Also, navigating to Outlook now brings me to the same you’re getting, which is https://outlook.live.com/mail/

And since I have PWA installed, it’s instead showing me this icon Photos 10_5_2022 14_56_36 , which when I mouseover says To open this link, choose an app. If I click on that, it ends up showing that I can open with Outlook (PWA).

That’s a great idea and something I tried a few times, as well - unfortunately, to no avail. I’m wondering if it has something to do with

  • platform - I’m on Mac Silicon
  • Exchange account type - I have a business account, perhaps you have a personal account?
  • Brave security settings? I tried disabling them, no change
  • Brave site settings - looking at this right now, but not seeing much. I just reset them and deleted cookies. Unfortunately, no change after I re-authenticated.

But perhaps it is significant that I wasn’t able to install the PWA from other Chromium-browsers, either. That may point towards an issue with my specific Exchange account type, but I’m speculating…

Any other ideas? :smile:

Yeah, just a personal one that I had to set up for Windows.

Not quite sure, it’s very interesting to see how it works. We’ll have to get @mattches and @saltybanana over to see if either of them have a clue.

You can’t install PWA in InPrivate windows (if you are testing there, just making sure)

The install button is just a nice integration, but it is not the only place to install PWA.
You can go to → and then it says Install Outlook (PWA) and it will do the same.

But the real button is in → More Tools → Create Shortcut, any page can be turned into a ‘shortcut’, the PWA ones, might have some extra features, like extensions integration with the system so when you double click a file with that extension it opens the PWA but usually even if they are labeled as PWA, they are just the same as if they were not.

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Came here to say what @Emi stated above — @alvanx please try using the Main Menu --> More Tools --> Create shortcut option to install the site as a PWA on your system. I do notice, however, that when you do see the option in the address bar to install a PWA, you’ll also see this appear on the main menu by name, but if you don’t see that option you’ll need to use the Create shortcut option.

For example, for me when I got to Outlook and login, I see the following option in the main menu:

However, if I’m on a site that is not detected as a potential PWA, I have to do this by going to Main Menu --> More Tools --> Create shortcut :

Both should do the exact same thing but I wanted to point this out in case there was any confusion about where these options might appear.


Thanks a lot, that seems to do the trick!

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