Outlook.live email no longer works in Brave

My outlook.live email used to work just fine in Brave but now it will not load at all, ever. It works just fine in pretty much any other browser I have tried, Edge, Firefox, ect… but will not open in Brave. I can type in the login info but then it just loads forever no error and the page doesn’t go anywhere. I have cleared cookies, history, site data ect but still nothing changes. I do not have any extensions installed at all.

I would really like it to work on Brave again so I don’t have to switch browsers to do email stuff.

I am on brave version v1.45.118 and it says I am up to date. I had not changed any settings or anything when it stopped working. Hadn’t even been into the settings in a long time before that.

I just tried turning shields off with no change. Dev tools is above my knowledge but I found it and looked at console and this is what it says.


Thank you so much for the replies. I will probably give that other version a try and see.

I have the same problem suddenly. If I clean out the cache it will work but I certainly don’t want to do that EVERY time I open a browser (like on the same day)

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