Outlook is not working on Brave

I recently switched over to Brave and when I try logging into my Outlook email, I get the message: https://imgur.com/a/y6f6k6Q I am really unsure of what is going on, please help!

Hi @phihuynh,
What version of Brave are you on? Are you on windows 10?
When you say outlook email. Is the URL you’re going to outlook.com ?

Also, could you try creating a new profile and seeing if the issue persists?
Click on the menu icon in the top right corner > create a new profile.

I am on version 1.8.95 and yes, I’m on Windows 10. I’m going to outlook.com and when trying to sign in, it eventually takes me to that error message. I don’t know if this is important to add but the Outlook account I’m trying to log into is my university email account. I have also tried making a new profile and it is appearing with the same message.

@phihuynh, that’s useful information, thank you. Do you have any other browsers installed on your computer that you can test login with? Do they also give issues?
Since using Brave, have you at any point been able to login to your email? Or has it always been giving you this error?

I have Chrome also installed to try to see if I was able to log in and on Chrome, I’m still able to log in. Ever since I got Brave, I have not been able to log into my Outlook university email.

@phihuynh, can you try logging in again but with your Shields disabled:

If that works, can you then try turning Shields back on and toggling all cookies allowed:

Do you have any other Outlook accounts that are not associated with any university/schools that you could test login with?

That actually worked, thank you so much!

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