March BAT not transferring to Gemini

March BATs are stuck under “Your Balance” and not transferring to my “Verified” Gemini account (automatically transferred in previous months).

Understand dev’s are busy putting out a few fires, appreciate the help @Mattches @steeven @Saoiray

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The issue you’re encountering are part of the fires being put out. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve these issues.

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hi, @Mattches . I sent you a message, can you reply? thanks.

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Hi @Mattches understand you and your team are working hard to resolve issues and this month’s BAT rewards + transfers.

I wanted to document the issues here in this thread, thus far:
(1) March and now April BAT rewards are stuck in the Brave Wallet for all accounts;
(2) April BAT rewards was supposed to be 5.425 BATs, but the actual claim and transferred amount to the Brave wallet was only 5.000 BATs.


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