Option To Replace Wikipedia.com search links with InfoGalatic.com

Feature Request: Add dropdown menu option to replace Wikipedia links with links that lead to the same topic(when applicable) on InfoGalactic.com a non-bias alternative to Wikipedia.

Reason why this would be a good feature: This would be a good feature to help people who would prefer the non-bias non-opinion driven nature of InfoGalatic.com over Wikipedia.com. The two websites have a similar UI, and the founder of InfoGalatic is a former founder of Wikipedia, and he and InfoGalactic have a good track record of providing good information.

Without a feature like this, Wikipedia will always be a monolith over other competitors, since they never get a fair chance in search algorithms, and competition is a good thing.

Additionally, many users of Brave browser and Brave search engine are people that are trying to avoid Big Tech from dictating what people should be allowed to search for, and believe. So, a large percentage of your user base would likely appreciate this feature quite a bit.