Option to open external links in private tabs if Brave is the default browser

Firefox on Android has this feature called “Open links in a private tab”.

This setting allows users to open external links into private tabs when the browser is set as the default.

What this means is let’s say a user is in the official Reddit app and they click a link and it sends them to their default browser in Android.

With this “Open links in a private tab” setting on, once a external link is clicked on within any Android app (like Reddit or X), Brave will automatically make it a private tab within Brave by default.

So, that means no more accidental clicks on external links in apps will show up in the history tab by mistake and the content will be isolated from the main browsing experience and it’s cookies etc.

This would be a very productive feature for Brave to add. As, it adds a little more privacy and added security. So, that whenever a user clicks, a external link outside of Brave, they will be safe from it appearing in their history page.

Which in turn will mean the content will be isolated in a private tab when that link is activated and takes them to their default browser.

Now this will not put links that a user taps or clicks on in the Brave app itself into private tabs.

This sort of feature will only happen when a user uses a external Android application (X, Reddit, Facebook, etc) and taps/clicks on an external link. That action will in turn take the user to their default browser and into a private tab by default.