Stop Brave from opening external apps in private mode

I think that the brave browser should not open the external app of a website by default or at least ask if you want to open it. Currently there is no option to decide if tou want to open in-app or stay in the browser. It just opens to the external app when you automatically press on the website link in the browser. Safari asks before they open you to the external app. When you are in incognito mode, chrome just takes you to the mobile website instead. The reason this would be a good feature is because it enables privacy. When I’m in private mode/tab I am doing something that I obviously don’t want to be connected with me or at least my emails/accounts. Secondly I don’t want a company like google or really any company that is selling my information in particular. To have more and more data on me neither do I want amazon shopping doing the same. When I click on the youtube website it opens me to the external app, same with amazon or literally any website that has an app like reddit for example. In my opinion at least, it should be the default for mobile browsers not to open the external app of a website when you are in private mode.

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Hi @daj.89, welcome to Community!

This is a know issue and we’re working to solve it. You can follow the open ticket here.