New privacy option "Allow app links to open in apps outside of Brave" disabled by default breaks Custom Tab authentication

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Description of the issue:
I was trying to log in to an application using Custom Tabs to manage its authentication and after authentication, I am not redirected in the application and therefore the connection cannot be done.

I saw that it came from a new Privacy option “Allow app links to open in apps outside of Brave”, added recently and by default on off therefore breaking all applications using custom tabs as a basis for authentication.

Can’t this option be off by default only in the browser and enabled on custom tabs? Or display a prompt “Do you authorize [site address] to open [app name or scheme]”?

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Just go to an application that offers to connect via a web page in a Custom Tab.
  2. Enter your login credentials and validate
  3. It is stuck

Expected result:
After authentication, be automatically redirected to the source application for the process to complete normally

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.57.50, Chromium 116.0.5845.96

Mobile Device details
Redmi Note 8 Pro

Additional Information: